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"Keep Silence - Democracy is sleeping "- Complete analysis

 Facts: why it is being stated that "Democracy is sleeping".  It is admitted fact that Some Media organization play role of opposition to the ruling parties in the state. In fact "Sakshi " also took a vital role when YSR Congress was in opposition to TDP.  In such a situation no Critic, analytic, Journalist, Debate Program Organizers   were never personally targeted by TDP. Whatever the reasons may be, either they may  respected democracy nor they may wanted to know ground level reality, they never touched the program organizers of media organizations.  It is an unrigid agreement between Politicians and Media Organizations that  they have border line to secure both parties liberty. They never crossed the same. As targeted by YSRCP ABN and TV5 are playing opposition role in Andhrapradesh, as well as TRS  in Telangana targeted both media organizations, " but never targeted the Journalist personally"  It can be stated that KCR is a Senior Politician and in hi
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Andhrapradesh Government have an option to restore Financially

  Tanuku MLA  replied to  farmer question that the Government is trying its best to restore financially and diverting some of the funds assist farmers. Admittedly although Government is not having funds the Government of Andhrapradesh can restore financially if Anti Corruption bureau is given liberty to work. The assets which were seized by the Anti Corruption bureau can be utilized by the Government  for public purpose. It is well known that a state budget can be secured if the corrupted assets were seized by the government. The fund can be utilized for the welfare of the state.  Inviting the investors : Declaring the Capital of Andhrapradesh is very important at this stage, instead of going to political rival, the ruling party have to take a specific decision regarding to Capital of Andhrapradesh.  .Targeting Chandrababu naidu and suppressing the development of Andhrapradesh is out dated, people are being vexed with counters and encounters between ruling and opposition party. What

Story of Stan Swami

N ame : Stan Swamy Date of Birth : 26-04-1937 Place of Birth : Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu Education : Theology and Masters of Degree in Sociology A bout S tan Swami and his Activism : Stan Swami is person who fought for the rights of  Tribal in Jharkhand, discrimination  and injustice to the tirbals are been questioned by Stan Swami . All though his occupation is Father in Roman Cathelic, he played a vital role in protesting against the discrimination among the Tribals in that state. Stan Swami had also filed many public interest litigations regarding to undertrial prisoners and Tirbes . Stan Swamy also fought for the implementation of Fifth Schedule of the Constitution of India. Stany Swami is the person who fought for the  "Land Bank ". In other words Stand Swami had stood as a guarding agent to restore the rights of the Adivasi, Tribes .  What are the charges on Stan Swamy ? Bhima Koregaon Case: on 1st January 2018 there was a celebration conducted in Elgar Parishand, Shan

Stan Swami Sufferer - Whether this issue is a question mark to Democracy

Who is Stan Swamy? How democracy failed in his issue ? On what offences he was charged? What nation is Standing for justice to Stan Swamy? What he was targeted? for more keep watching .....Soon