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"Keep Silence - Democracy is sleeping "- Complete analysis

 Facts: why it is being stated that "Democracy is sleeping".  It is admitted fact that Some Media organization play role of opposition to the ruling parties in the state. In fact "Sakshi " also took a vital role when YSR Congress was in opposition to TDP. 

In such a situation no Critic, analytic, Journalist, Debate Program Organizers   were never personally targeted by TDP. Whatever the reasons may be, either they may  respected democracy nor they may wanted to know ground level reality, they never touched the program organizers of media organizations.  It is an unrigid agreement between Politicians and Media Organizations that  they have border line to secure both parties liberty. They never crossed the same.

As targeted by YSRCP ABN and TV5 are playing opposition role in Andhrapradesh, as well as TRS  in Telangana targeted both media organizations, "but never targeted the Journalist personally" It can be stated that KCR is a Senior Politician and in his experience he knows whom to control and exactly about the job roles in media organizations. He never did a mistake to restrict the liberty of Journalist, critic, Debate program organizers.

Kondubhatla Ramachandra Murthy @ TV5 Murthy  

and Pravathaneni Venkatakrishna @ abn VenkataKrishna  

The above two Journalist are targeted personally and even served notices to attend to answer charges, the reasons are that they are performing their duties. It is minimum commonsense that "to whom they should target ". When there is no voice against the public issues how would the ruling party will know about the dissatisfaction among the people. Although Intelligence works alot to gather such information there are maximum case can be citied to state that the reports cannot be "relied ". TDP experience the same in previously .

The alternative to deal with the ground level report is News analysis. If it is only the topic of "AMARAVATHI" which made ruling party to target this Journalist, then why should the YSRCP Party Chief  made believe the people of Amravathi and its surrounding territories that he will not go against the Capital why? ....!

Many times YSR CP Party leaders passed comments that Chandrababu naidu back stabbed his father-in-law, then what did the YSR CP party chief had done to Amravathi people, does he relied in his words?  What shall public opine on YSR CP  Party Chief, does power changes inner feelings of person? 

You can control the emotions of Human being by way of threatening them  , respect and belief is the only thing that owes the people to pay gratuity and loyalty  

Wearing the crown is heroic thing, handling the same is differ, yes yes Jagan Mohan reddy was subjected to humiliations none other than any one after the death of his father, he can be named as "deserted prince"  at that time. May be he strengthen himself and prepared to stood against the critics who criticized him and made the persons who criticized him  to praise him. 

Once upon a time people who thrown petals against him, may be worshipping him with flowers now.  

He may  not be ready for critics. But as chief of the state he shall face instead of using iron fist against them. It is better to work for what he is elected for, instead of taking political revenge. Thats what deceased RajaSekhar Reddy would do if he is surviving till today. Full time avenging Politically and part time of job role will not lead  a political party to good consequences. "Vexatious Acts" it s been 2 1/5 years, Party activist who promoted MR.YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as a new face to Andhra politics are waiting for his role to make them proud for what they did for him. Mean while new entries in party are discriminating the activist of party who worked for the party from the time of the foundation. There may be an internal rivalry in YSRCP, have maximum chances. Party  Switching members are discriminating the real activist of the Party. The same was done to TDP previously, the game plan was well known to YSRCP, because the same weapon was used against TDP in previous session, YSRCP activist slowly and slowly occupied TDP , did the things which lead to win YSRCP in previous election- "COVERT OPERATION".  

Executive Sector is kept on Maximum pressure by local leaders. utmost liberty to executive sector is building arrogance in their behavior while dealing with public.   The most painful issue is that "RIGHT OF EXPRESSION IS  CURTAILED" .

So obviously the "Media" is an informational source for ruling party and it shall have  its liberty to express  the odds and evens . Restricting the media with Iron Fist is unconstitutional. If the same thing was done by TDP when it was ruling the state, Now the present situation is differ. It is matter of fact of Experience, Chandrababu naidu may restricted the social media abusive posts, but he never put an Iron fist on Media people.

There are still 2 1/5 years of tenure the, restrictions on Right to expression shall be curtailed, either  with the interference of the 3rd estate or with the realization of 1st estate else it can be said that "Keep Silence - Democracy is sleeping".